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What Makes Bright Threads Ministries So Different?

When it comes to people of all ages with special needs, it can be challenging and the unknown can be the most fearful part. The majority of local churches do not have strategies in place much less an equipped team. Bright Threads Ministries works with both churches and families to understand, connect, equip and put a plan in place that integrates all members into the fabric of the congregation!

3 Simple Ways We Can Help


We meet with the local Church Leaders to understand their current needs, relationships and practices.

Develop A
Game Plan

We help in selecting a good starting point for ministry with families with special needs based on the churches needs.


We set up a time to educate, train and equip the various ministry leaders who will be involved.

Request A Free One-Hour Consultation

Contact Bright Threads Ministries to arrange a FREE one-hour consultation to determine congregational strengths toward weaving people of all abilities into the fabric of your church.

Consider Making An Online Donation Today!

Bright Threads Ministries helps churches welcome, support and involve people of all abilities.

Every dollar that is donated goes to bring children and adults with special needs into the church – to worship, learn, and serve alongside all of God’s people.

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