Developmental Disabilities Ministries imageEvery church can do something to be more welcoming and inclusive. Bright Threads Ministries can help your church take steps that fit the pattern of your congregation’s life.

Bright Threads Ministries:

  • Meets with congregational leaders to understand their current relationships and practices.
  • Helps select a starting point for ministry with families with special needs.
  • Trains leaders.
  • Helps choose resources.

Which starting point fits your congregation?


  • Children discover Christian faith through relationships and Bible stories.
  • Adolescents and adults have a wide range of learning and social needs.
  • Bright Threads Ministries assesses and supports appropriate educational settings and assists with curriculum adaptation.


  • Worship practices can be strengthened for people of all abilities.
  • All can experience God’s presence and participate in the worship of the Body of Christ.


  • Bright Threads Ministries provides models for friends as partners in service and fellowship.
  • Each person’s interests and gifts can be discovered, creating opportunities to serve in Jesus’ name.

Contact Bright Threads Ministries to arrange a FREE one-hour consultation to determine congregational strengths toward weaving people of all abilities into the fabric of your church.