Autism And Church image

If your family is part of a worshiping community, Bright Threads Ministries can:

  • Listen to your story to understand your family‚Äôs spiritual needs.
  • Help you and your son or daughter grow spiritually.
  • Help you use your gifts to serve others.
  • Meet with church leaders to discover ways that your church can be more inclusive.
  • Make a plan for strengthening relationships with your son or daughter.

Are you looking for a church home?

  • Bright Threads Ministries can help you connect with other families who have found a welcoming church.
  • Bright Threads Ministries can help you find churches that offer respite programs.
  • Bright Threads Ministries can help you find faith-based parent support groups.
  • Bright Threads Ministries sponsors special events at Bright Threads Network churches.
Please contact Evelyn McMullen to talk with her about strengthening the spiritual life of your family.