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Casting Out Fear is a series of four short videos which will give you specific guidance on interacting with children with special needs and help you move past fear and uncertainty to loving each child as a unique individual.

One family’s story

Families like Lisa’s are looking for a church home. Bright Threads Ministries can help your church welcome them.

As Lisa discovered, most churches do not have strategies for including people with special needs in worship and other activities. Volunteers aren’t equipped and may be fearful of people whose needs they don’t understand. Bright Threads Ministries works with churches to understand the needs of families whose lives are impacted by disability and helps leaders plan to integrate all members into the fabric of congregational life.

Our Services


We meet with church leaders & families to understand current needs, relationships,
and practices. We help select a good starting point and suggest resources.

Casting Out Fear

Training Videos for Children’s Ministry Volunteers

4 downloadable short videos give specific guidance on interacting with children with special needs. We hope that volunteers can move past fear and uncertainty to loving each child as a unique individual!


We offer these seminars for your church: Children’s Ministry, Teen & Young Adult,
Adult Disciples, and Raising Awareness.

Request A Free One-Hour Consultation

Contact Bright Threads Ministries to arrange a FREE one-hour consultation to determine congregational strengths toward weaving people of all abilities into the fabric of your church.

Consider Making An Online Donation Today!

Bright Threads Ministries helps churches welcome, support and involve people of all abilities.

Every dollar that is donated goes to bring children and adults with special needs into the church – to worship, learn, and serve alongside all of God’s people.

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