Bright Threads June Weaving Featured Image

When people ask why we are called “Bright Threads Ministries,” I tell them that our friends with developmental disabilities are the Bright Threads in the beautiful, surprising pattern that God is weaving with our churches. I have certainly seen those patterns emerging in the first half of 2018.

A beautiful response to our training videos came from a local church which asked me to come train their children’s ministry volunteers. They have one child with autism whose parents are new Christians. SEVENTEEN volunteers showed up to learn to support that child and her parents. They will be ready for new families as well. After the training, the children’s pastor sat down with me to discuss their next steps. His first words were, “We need to make some changes around here.” God is weaving a beautiful new pattern in that congregation.

God surprised me with the phone call from Karen Best, asking how she could help congregations in New York become more inclusive. We don’t know what kinds of patterns will emerge, but we trust that God will open doors for Bright Threads in the Rochester area.

Can’t wait to see what kind of patterns God is weaving!

Thank you for joining us in this exciting ministry. We appreciate your prayers and your financial support!

Dr Evelyn McMullen

Dr. Evelyn McMullen, Executive Director